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Donna Britt | recipe tester | food writer | stylist

Food writer, recipe tester, radio/TV show host ... are a few of my current job titles. I've had a longtime media/broadcasting career which somehow led me into cookbook writing and food styling and a
chance encounter with the amazing Tambi Lane.  This is the site where you can check out what we love doing together (and separately).

Just a bit more about me: I grew up in the South eating my Granny's biscuits and fried chicken and helping her pick what she called pokesalad - which if you look it up, you'll discover that it's really poisonous pokeweed - but Granny knew how to prepare it and it was quite delicious. I come from a big, boisterous family who loves to eat, tell stories and laugh as much as possible. I'm a lucky girl!

Tambi Lane | photographer | artist | entrepreneur

I've been creating since I was a child; I sold my original drawings and paintings during recess in elementary school. I've been taking pictures for almost as long and before my two girls came along, I
carried my camera everywhere. An entrepreneur at heart, I've had my own photography business since
2006 and have owned my own gallery and artist collective. I love collaborating with, and supporting other artists.

My very first food photo was published in Sunset magazine and I was instantly hooked! Since then, I've worked on two nationally published celebrity cookbooks and been immersed in the food scene. When Donna and I aren't cooking, eating and shooting food, I'm in my garden, doing something outdoors or creating something new and fun.

Donna Britt, of TASTE THIS! on Central Oregon Daily!