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I'm Donna Britt.  I consider myself a regular American woman.  I grew up in a small town in a big, boisterous, hillbilly family!  I went off to school, got married, moved across the country, had babies ... then somehow navigated through a divorce, another cross country move, a job change or two, teenage years, car wrecks, cancer, empty nesting, deaths of loved ones, all the things.  


My touchstone through it all was my Granny's house; anytime anyone went there, she'd take you into her kitchen and somehow magically manifest a meal.  You'd talk, you'd cry, you'd laugh, you'd hug it out ... and when you left you'd feel like you could deal with the tsunami of life!  


That's how I want it to be with the Food.Life podcast -- you come into my kitchen, I teach you what I know as far as tips, techniques and hacks so you can go into your fridge and pantry anytime and put together a loving meal for yourself, your friends, your family.  We also TALK, about the REAL stuff, such as how to have hard conversations with people you love or work with, your midnight anxiety, death and dying, and of course the good stuff and life's celebrations!  Sometimes you eavesdrop on me talking to myself, sometimes I'm talking to friends and family and sometimes I bring in the experts, those people who inspire us all with their amazing light and spirit. In the end, when you leave my kitchen, I want you feeling FED, your BODY and your SOUL.